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Our Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and Sanctions Screening Service offers you access to thousands of global sanctions & watch lists as well as adverse media for your KYC and AML checks.

PEP and Sanctions Screening mitigates regulatory and reputational risk by giving you intelligence you can act on. The service enables you to screen a person's or company’s identity against worldwide data issued by governments and international organizations to identify politically exposed persons, terrorists, criminals or sanctioned organisations and countries.

Watch Lists & Sanctions: Up to date access to over 1,600 government published sources and 6 million records enabling you to determine, if a person or business entity has been black-listed by any financial, criminal and/or regulatory authority worldwide. Sources include:, OFAC, US SEC, CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, Bank of England, United Nations 1267 Committee, OSFI, EU Terrorist, HM Treasury, Global Money Laundering Database, World Bank International Investment Disputes, International Court of Justice, Corrupt Government Officials Database, Interpol Most Wanted, FDIC, International War Crimes Tribunal, and many more.

Politically Exposed Persons: Up to date access to information from over 1,200 sources and government published PEP lists with details on persons of political interest dating as far back as the 1700s. The records are maintained directly from official authorities and include sources such as the CIA World Leaders List, the European Parliament Directory, the World Statesman, and the Rulers.

Global Adverse Media: This provides you with a list of negative media based on a proprietary process that searches data matches of thousands of adverse key word strings. The data extract is behavioral and not collected based only on a companies or a person’s name. Thousands of global news sources, capturing articles of interest from breaking news, current events and relevant media dating back to the early 1900s are searched and enables enhanced due diligence checks on a person or business.

We provide you with the tools required to efficiently adhere to the 4th AML Directive

More than 100 million companies trade worldwide. This results in growing third party risks that need to be managed. In many industries manual verifications during onboarding, monitoring, enhanced due diligence and other compliance processes result in high costs – both in terms of time and required resources as well as a loss of productivity for the core business. kompany can help to significantly cut costs and save time.

The 4th Anti-Money-Laundering Directive is in effect.

Authoritative company information is essential in today's regulatory and risk environment. Find out more with our FREE 4AMLD Executive Summary.

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Examples of use cases for risk management


Payment merchant verification: payment providers need to verify merchants before providing them access to their platforms. Automation of this process can significantly cut the time required for merchant verification and onboarding and ensure that no losses are occurred as a result of missed transactions.


Risk management solution enhancements: software, platform and cloud based risk management providers can power their offering by adding a feed of official and authoritative company information to existing risk management solutions. This results in a richer offering to their business customers.


Domain name provider checks: domain name providers are required to check the business status of applicants for domain names. This can be fully automated through accessing commercial register data as part of the verification process.


Trading platform enhancements: platforms that bring together suppliers and buyers can enhance their service offering by providing company verification as an integrated part of their solution or by offering such a service to their platform customers.

There are two ways to access the service:


Through our web-tool on

The web-tool is accessible from any device at any time and is a very efficient means to conduct direct checks on an unlimited number of companies.

Furthermore, we offer a concierge service through which we provide additional commercial register information on companies for a total of 115 jurisdictions quickly and efficiently.

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Through our Enterprise RESTful API called

The API on the other hand allows for an easy-to-implement integration into existing internal systems. This enables to fully automate the retrieval of official company data and helps legal and audit businesses save time and costs.

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