Streamline and automate your Business KYC (KYB)

With our suite of services, your teams have the data and technology they need to do their Business KYC smarter and faster. Both the KYC API and KYC workspace offer instant access to original data and documents on more than 115 million companies, as well as additional tools and services to help you transform the way you manage your compliance processes.

Whether your team needs seamless collaboration on KYC tasks and due diligence casework or an intuitive API with a proven record of automating compliance, kompany can help. Let us transform the way you run your compliance processes, to keep you on the right side of ever-evolving regulations.

  • KYC workspace
  • UBO discovery®
  • KYB onchain
  • Data remediation

KYC workspace

Our web application is designed to solve your organization’s complex back-office needs, allowing you to complete real-time business verification, client onboarding and enhanced due diligence via one secure web application. Balance exceptional customer experience with seamless KYB compliance in an environment that is fully collaborative.

KYC workspace is a cloud-based, collaborative platform, that delivers all necessary Business KYC tools in a single web-based application. Complete all your processes in one secure digital space that offers unrivalled access to audit-proof company information, retrieved in real-time.

  • Live Search with real-time access to over 115 million companies (including financial institutions) in more than 200 countries and jurisdictions
  • Access to our shareholder identification tool, UBO discovery®
  • Politically Exposed Person (PEP) & Sanctions Screening
  • Tax ID search and verification (including VAT, IBAN and EIN)
  • Business Concierge Service for on-demand document sourcing from non-digital government registers
  • Translation services (available in 130 languages)
  • Multi-user accounts for team collaboration, with a focus on the mandatory internal and external audit requirements (Audit Trail, 4-Eyes Validation, KPI Management Reporting)
  • Manage the storage of documents and build detailed KYC client profiles, case flow assignation, and customised checklists in one secure application

As our suite of products and services deliver you real-time access to primary source data with digital time stamps, you can rest assured knowing you are compliant with the latest international KYC regulations (including the latest anti-money laundering legislation & GDPR).

Our tools deliver you real-time access to primary source data with digital time stamps, empowering your compliance with the latest international regulations (including EU Anti-Money Laundering Directives & GDPR).

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KYC workspace