Streamline and automate your Business KYC (KYB)

With our suite of services, your teams have the data and technology they need to do their Business KYC smarter and faster. Both the KYC API and KYC workspace offer instant access to original data and documents on more than 115 million companies, as well as additional tools and services to help you transform the way you manage your compliance processes.

Whether your team needs seamless collaboration on KYC tasks and due diligence casework or an intuitive API with a proven record of automating compliance, kompany can help. Let us transform the way you run your compliance processes, to keep you on the right side of ever-evolving regulations.

  • KYC workspace
  • UBO discovery®
  • KYB onchain
  • Data remediation

Data remediation

Utilizing global real-time register network, our data remediation engine cleans, verifies and refreshes your client books, supplier databases and internal CRM systems to keep your operations audit-proof.

This solution uses real-time data sources to clean, validate and refresh your client books, supplier databases and internal CRM systems. With it, you can reduce the risks associated with outdated and unverified data.

  • Eliminate “dark data” from your databases
  • Achieve regulatory compliance with greater ease
  • Changes can be automatically pushed into your CRM
  • Easily enable continuous updates via our API
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